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Take advantage of the web3 economy and technologies by building products at the intersection of public and private blockchains with our enterprise-grade blockchain interoperability solution

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The all-in-one blockchain interoperability solution

Cross-domain asset bridge

Run a cross-domain asset bridge on your required terms, enabling seamless liquidity flow between private and public blockchains.
Modular security, no third-party validators, unparalleled level of privacy of the transmitted data, exclusively on-chain validation of cross-chain transactions using the chain cryptography.

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Cross-domain asset tokenizer (CDAT)

Transform traditional assets into digital form with Asterizm and ensure their seamless transfer between various private and public blockchains. Issue chain-agnostic FTs and NFTs to attract liquidity or conduct cross-border transactions with minimal costs.
  • Legally secure solution
  • Privacy
  • Integration flexibility and uncompromising security
  • Launch within 7 days

Asterizm technology unique features

Exclusively on‑chain validation

The cross-chain transaction validation in Asterizm relies solely on the cryptography employed by the respective blockchains involved. It avoids off-chain consensus and the use of third-party validators to ensure the security and confidentiality of transmitted data.


The ability to halt all operations in a single click without requiring consensus from any external entity is a truly remarkable feature. Furthermore, there is no single point of vulnerability for the creation of malicious transactions - the integrity and validity checks of transactions are decentralized and on-chain, with the Client having the sole capability to stop operations.

Privacy and flexibility

A flexible client-server module (docker image) seamlessly integrates into any security framework while ensuring the complete confidentiality of transmitted data.

Ready-to-use modules

Utilize pre-built modules for a quick launch of popular cross-chain solutions tailored for enterprise use cases.

51% attack-impossible

The architecture of Asterizm is designed in such a way that if at least 1 server is functioning correctly, a cross-chain transaction cannot be altered, tampered with or fabricated.

Full‑time assistance at every step

Our team will be happy to address all your inquiries and apply our expertise to assist in the most efficient implementation of your product.

A quick, simple
and efficient process

1. Detailed discussion
of the use case

Our team participates in discussions about the desired outcome you wish to achieve upon launching the cross-chain solution, and we create a roadmap by selecting the appropriate tools and ready-made products for a rapid and efficient deployment.

2. Deploy your
cross-chain product

We assist you in deploying your cross-chain product using pre-built modules or provide consultation for custom development, involving our developers if needed.

3.We support you at
every step of the project

We are always in touch, leveraging our network to seek new efficient partnerships and growth opportunities, while also continuously working on enhancing Asterizm to keep your product at the forefront of cross-chain technologies.

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